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Bert and Peggy try Dancing

Posted in Uncategorized by The Artful Scribbler on October 12, 2016

Peggy and Bert are watching the mid-morning talk show when they go to a commercial.  The mute is on, so there is no sound, but Peggy jumps out of her chair.  “Dancing with the Stars.  I love that show!  Turn it up.”

“Aw, alright.”  Bert takes it off mute, just as there is a crescendo of music accompanying a man and woman spinning around the dance floor.

Peggy points her left toe out and lifts her right arm over her head.  “Let’s take ballroom dancing lessons.”

“Why?” Bert asks.

“One lesson.  Let’s take one lesson,” she says bringing her left foot back and pointing her right toe.  She swings her left arm over and around one time.

“I can’t fit into those clothes,” Bert says, gesturing to the young man with the smooth chest.  “I’d have to shave my stomach.”

“Well, I don’t think you have to do that on the first lesson,” Peggy says, grabbing her phone.  She searches for ballroom dancing lessons in the area.  She scans through them.  Too expensive on the first.  Too far away on the second.  The man in the third looks too British.  On the fourth, she holds the phone up to Bert.

“Aw, well, she looks nice,” Bert says, looking at the toned young woman in the heels and slit skirt.

Peggy flips through the website checking a few of the images, and reading the different class descriptions.  She sets the phone down as the talk show comes back on.  “May I’ll call tomorrow.”

Bert settles back into his chair and pats his belly.  “Sure.”


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